There is a bond…

in everything we do, a bond that continues through the generations of a single family. Through the teaching of our founder Charles Przedborski, the apprenticeship of his son Jacky, and that of each new generation of apprentices, the passion for printing and the quest for excellence have become a matter of course. Driven by craftsmanship, beauty, and the immeasurable love of our profession, this heritage is anchored in the present. Echoing the innovative spirit of Paris admired by all for the great creative energy it harbours, our reputation is built on the precision of our visionary eye.

Imprimerie du Marais hosts eight interconnected workshops. Ideas, innovations and different approaches intertwine as they are exchanged. For us, printing does not start with automation. The experience begins with the senses. It is a constant, often silent dialogue between the gaze and the gesture. The result is not determined by the machine, but by the hand of the man who guides it. We work in the present, in the doing, the effort, going beyond the established limits, aware that the impression will fix our work for posterity. We start from the principle that everything is possible and create objects that embody our passion, our goal and our privilege: to be printers.

« Nous sommes une famille d’artisans, soudee par une meme passion qui nous guide dans notre travail. »

" Anime par l'artisanat, la beaute et l'amour incommensurable de notre profession, cet heritage est ancre dans le present. "