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Workshop created in 1971


Printing techniques

Business cards are your first tactile impression, your imprint. The choice of paper first is key, as fine as in Japan, bristol or laid as in classic stationery, pop, colourful or carded as a fashion show invitation. Jacky Przedborski's business card is very complex - it is paper marquetry, with 5 different papers that are laminated edge to edge. This work has been done to offer a play of superimposed papers, with different textures and visuals, allowing for a card that is unique in its work and harmony.



Making a business card is doing in miniature what our workshops do best so that in the hands of your customers the techniques reveal a concern for detail, sophistication and involvement. The most difficult to make are ours, designed on a set of paper marquetry, gilding microstructure, then bevelled. They are our word as a printer, as passionate about miniature as we are about volume production because once we have mastered the small gestures, we like to reproduce the perfect gesture, to perform it for the best productivity.



Each identity is a research for you, an exploration for your designers and a development for us. Studies of some cases gathered here:


High end business card, with embossing – stamping effects on top of each other
Stamped with a matte gold foil, the AEON business card’s sleek design is one of the most complex to produce, embossed on the reverse side, embossed on the front and back, perfectly aligned, and layered. Each point is embossed and the logo is not embossed on the reverse side. To finish the production of this small precious object : a lamination. Only the printer can solve the plot!


Print in Pantone
Printing your business card or stationery with a specific color in Pantone allows you to define your image, the reflection and identity of your brand. We will help you find the right color for your project, and together we will print in Pantone.


Sustainable business card
Business cards should always carry a message and a commitment, thought sustainable, they will have more strength, recyclable, they will have more meaning. Why not make them with recycled resources, textiles, banana fibers, glass or paper with plant inclusions or even plantable. At the Imprimerie du Marais, you will find these rare resources with positive impacts. All you have to do is put your brand’s design on them and make a few steps towards a better future.

"Making a business card is doing in miniature what our workshops do best."

Our editions in stationery