Souvenirs from Monaco

For eight years our teams have been flying to Monaco to present our latest techniques and creations at Luxe Pack. Over three days the Imprimerie du Marais unveils a world of fine print to an international audience.

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Terra Carta

Printed and embossed in our Parisian ateliers, the Terra Carta certificate stands as a creation from Love From for the Prince of Wales. The Terra Carta Sustainable Markets Initiative was unveiled at this years COP26.

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Alice Balas × Malika Favre

Lucky Hands is a collaborative project between Alice Balas and Malika Favre, Parisian chic combined with a London edge. The Imprimerie du Marais joined forces with the creators to produce a short series inspired by playing cards – kings, queens and jokers are mixed. For Malika Favre, 5 patterns were hot foiled for 30 special edition copies, numbered and signed […]

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