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Workshop created in 1980

Sustainable factory

Our sustainable and social engagements

Every day, for your projects, the physical efforts are constant and intense on the work tables. To ensure that production, we are designing a new factory that will come into being in 2021 and that has been designed to better control the impact on water and air, as well as to control energy resources and reprocess waste. You will find our production team dedicated to the sourcing of materials, eco-design and the development of sustainable solutions. Together we make the choices that matter, and to solve the equation that guides us every day, producing with respect and sustainability is important. All our productions can be designed to meet these challenges and still respect the CSR commitments of a company or the sustainable concept of a project. As a family business, Imprimerie du Marais operates its workshops as a family, united, committed, respectful of everyone and aware of the issues at stake in its industry.

"It all started at the factory with a range rich and inspiring in resources."


We have several approaches to sustainability in our factory that allow us to carry out entirely eco-responsible projects, from the resources to the techniques used. Our first manufacturing processes with controlled impacts are air, water and noise emission management, which are best mastered in our historic workshops. Everything has been rethought: the life of our communities is paramount, and running a factory in the heart of Paris must be done with respect for the neighbourhood, out of a common love of craftsmanship and a passion for our nature. Recycling the raw materials used is key to the operation of a committed production. We have the "imprim'vert" label which certifies the recycling of all materials such as cleaning solvents, machine rinsing water, paper, gilding and cutting tools, inks... Everything is thought out to ensure maximum responsibility and leave no impact. Our sources of sustainable materials are a range manufactured under the most virtuous conditions and are developing day by day. Over the years, Imprimerie du Marais has created three collections composed entirely of vegetal materials, derived from residual resources (food and textiles), 60 materials, sourced as closely as possible and mainly in Europe. These ranges are treasures ready to inspire your projects and adapt to your desires.

Green and sustainable printing and research laboratory


It all started at the Imprimerie; with a range, rich and inspiring resources, and, one thing led to another, from ideas to projects, we developed printing solutions to produce without impact.


≪ Leave No Trace ≫

This fairytale edition is our ode to impact-free production. The printing techniques are all green and made with plant-based screen prints.


Plantable Kenzo Invitation

This invitation designed with Kenzo is a model of its kind. Compostable and food-safe, it’s made of recycled paper turned tomato seed and a soy-risprayed leaflet. Ready-to-plant SS 2019.


NANUSHKA Invitation made of tree bark

Come As You Are is a tribute to the reflection of a person, in an expressive correlation to vulnerability, embracing flaws and cherishing imperfections in the most welcoming way. It is on this mantra, among the stone and between the Lycée Condorcet statues, that Nanushka chose to present its men’s collection for the first time in Paris. The invitation designed by Benjamin Grillon blows a nomadic spirit on an African bark from our Sustainable range. We foiled it with a black metallic film, and took care to recycle the waste, thus supporting the brand’s sustainable ethics.