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Workshop created in 1980

envelope Workshop


An envelope is a promise, a ritual. They are lined with silk, distinguishing themselves from the administrative to the functional, hidden with wax, worked in coloured paper, cardboard or containing seeds ready to be planted rather than thrown away. We care for it as much as its contents and it doesn't take much to make a story. The envelope is thought of in its format, before even imagining its contents, its colour, its closure system and its texture are all twists that our projects enjoy playing with. When an edition is fine, the envelope format can even be preserved by imagining a corrugated cardboard envelope rather than a mailing box. Made in record time, matching the invitations, their papers, techniques and colours.



In our workshops, Kah Lan and Chang Gan shape the envelopes with four hands into a precision ballet. Each fold, each bonding surface is meticulously laid out, transforming itself into a meditative activity that the Imprimerie du Marais's workshop enjoys in as others would do origami. Their dexterity is unparalleled to produce the 1,200 envelopes that will reveal, protect and shelter your event. Sometimes slowed down by the demands of a crumpled material, a sensitive double fold, a fragile lining, their patience is matched only by the complexity of the designs. Precious little hands, they are to your invitations what seamstresses are to the workshops of the Couture.



Struck typography
When you decide to strike a text on the back of an envelope.
Striking a text on several flaps gives the illusion of simplicity, when actually the most meticulous operation has been done. The foiling then covers the 3 flaps with a preparation, adjustments and settings reveal themselves once the envelope is closed. The foiling placed on the envelope is fabulous and reminiscent of a seal placed once the envelope is closed, an exclusive sign of confidentiality. The all-over print overlaps perfectly once the envelope is closed, sign of the refinement of the craftsmen. We know the vagaries of such an exercise, and we can already picture your readers marvel when they’ll see this magic trick!


Embossed envelope
When an envelope is embossed with a mark.
Still with the idea of a wax seal, the envelope pastes can be embossed with a logo, an address or a coat of arms. The envelopes in production can be struck on their entire surface, spectacularly or in detail on one side.


Silk paper
Lining envelopes brings sophistication to the most valuable mailings and places the mail in a protective cushion. The liner paper can be a tinted tissue paper, a tissue paper printed with your brand, a colored paper or a texture as unique as a Japanese paper. The issues of collage and folding are always sensitive, we work to perfect them, we prototype, exchange and perfect together. The order of the operations is key, the looks on the finishes decisive.

"Each fold, each collage is meticulously arranged, turning into a meditative activity."