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Workshop created in 1971

Foiling Workshop

Foiling techniques

From the time of Charles Przedborski's printing house, we still admire the stamping, the authenticity of the letterpress, the seriousness of the teams, the precision of the engraving and the setting of the ancestral tools. The machines have been restored, the know-how has developed for increasingly fine, textured, sculpted or curved gilding. Today, young foilers and 3D developers work with tools and mice in their hands to chisel and model the gilding in your image. The foiling, despite its fineness of a few nano millimetres, can be chiselled and worked with textures, visuals and texts.

"The reliability of the teams, the precision of the engraving and the setting of the ancestral tools."


Vincent, gilder at the Imprimerie du Marais, accompanied his father every Saturday to his workshop. Curious and skilful, he observed the secrets of the profession. A caring and working father, working with passion to produce the most delicate prints. It is with him, in our factory, that he put his observations into practice, working 18 months with his father, back to back, testing the machines, dealing with the demands of pressure, incorporating the subtleties of heating.


From engraving to gilding, the ennoblement of papers... Gilding is a technological advance that sublimates your supports, gives them value and elegance.


The desire for a gilding that treats visuals as a pixelated black and white, memories of posters with macro-pixels in the subways in 1980; we have developed a gilding technique in the point, pixel or pointillist, bringing a flat effect in spray or halo. No matter what the motif to be gilded, leaves, jewels, silhouettes, this technique reveals in the reflections the finest details and makes the textures visual and tactile.

Sustainable film

Thanks to the technology of printing methods, sustainable and eco-friendly films have been created, as well as compostable supports allowing to produce fully recyclable results. The counterpart is in the production of the support, the film; in France the recycling of polyester is not yet perfected. In England, this film is reprocessed by combustion and this system allows us to reach our objectives when we think of a 100% recyclable, responsible, sustainable printing. We are currently seeking to develop this technique in order to make it available in France, where our production takes place.

Micro textured gilding

Micro-textured gilding is a gilding technique that transfers texture tone-on-tone, giving a life-like effect, by creating a delicate indentation on the visuals and paper surfaces. We have several possibilities to work with micro textured gilding in our workshops. One of them is to work it as a coloring system, adding patterns and textures, working with the reproduction of the visual in the gilding flat. The micro textured gilding is in gold but also in vinyl effect, black on black, as amazing as aesthetic. This technique, previously reserved for cosmetic packaging, is developing in our workshops, highlighted in our Notebook editions. We have experimented with the most sophisticated renderings, mixing textures, drawings, typos and embossing.

Curved gilding

This technique allows us to gild in relief and there is no shortage of volume effects; the classic rounding of serifs, the size effects of a diamond-pointed typeface, and even volumes designed by our talented customers for a unique typography, giving an emphasis and strength to the brand that bags, stationery and stickers carry.

"Foiling is a technological advance that enhances your supports, giving them value and elegance."