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Workshop created in 1980

Engraving and Stamping Workshop


Engraving is the first step in all printing techniques, and is indispensable for lithography, gilding, embossing, offset and stamping. For the latter, we are talking about hand engraving, where a copper plate is delicately chiselled with a hollow where the ink is deposited before being pressed onto the surface of the paper. The rendering is clean, precise, delicate in relief, matt on the paper. Stamping is traditionally used on the noblest stationery and letterpresses in line and serifs. This unique technique is intended for emblems, coats of arms, iconic marks, precious typography and it is a sign of supreme elegance for those who are familiar with its complexity and history. Stamping is the nobility of art and the Imprimerie du Marais is proud to be able to set up modern projects that support its precious existence.



This printing technique has a long history and has evolved over time in a historical manner; used since the Renaissance in Italy and Germany, engraving was an art, and printing on materials such as wood was reserved for fabrics. Engraving and engraving were then mainly used to make portraits of sovereigns, those of Louis XVI were made with dotted line or etching. Up until the 1940s, this was the noblest technique compared to typography, for which foundries developed. The Imprimerie du Marais was then a lithographic printing house, printing artists' editions on stone. Today we return to this noble past by entrusting the preparation of stamping plates to masters of the art who engrave for printing as others do for jewellery and watches with precious mechanisms.


Put your hands in the noblest of techniques and play with modern finishes, find in the workshops the finishes on a machine from another century and use it on a contemporary design, overlay the effects to maximise the patina of the great century… here are the stamping projects we have recently produced


Neon engraving 

Stamping inks are vegetable-based inks and can also be used in the most vivid colours. Orange and pink keep their radiance in the matt of the inks, while blue, green and yellow have the spirit of a modern fluo while leaning towards a pastel aspect. As long as the background is white, or very light; the smoother the paper, the brighter the shades become and transcend any classic compositions with this simple, yet effective twist.


Engraving and embossing

The beauty of metal stamps reveals itself on paper : matt, powdered, light gold, through precious and voluptuous shapes, all the nuances and patinas of the gold come to life. The design, once printed, can be embossed with a fine and precise tool. The art of blazons, the meticulous engraving of seals and signet rings is then expressed.

The Imprimerie du Marais then became a lithographic printing house, printing your artists' editions on stone.

Our editions in stamping