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Workshop created in 1990


Story of an invitation printer

Charles Przedborski, the founder of the Imprimerie du Marais, dreamed of being a printer, of success, of recognition for his demanding work. When he bought the factory, which was an art publishing printing house, his aim was to transform it into a printing house for the fashion world; at the time for the Trail district "le Sentier", nowadays for luxury ready-to-wear brands. One thing leading to another, his son Jacky explored this world of luxury and integrated the Printing House into it. The brands fill the calendar with their events throughout the year, giving us the opportunity to make beautiful creations. The choice of paper and the printing technique is well thought out, we produce not only striking invitations but also a feeling; there is a desire for relief, weight, sensation, something that can be kept, a projection in time. These invitations are collector's items, the choice of stationery, patterns, paper, colours, reflections, letters; each characteristic is key to sharing a message, a link, an invitation. We have worked on the fields of possibilities of materials and techniques, choosing the quality materials that correspond to the fashion shows, the collections, the textile materials. Finding solutions for complex projects, such as inserting light inside an invitation, making 100 different invitations, we have expanded our possibilities. Each invitation requires the same work as the construction of a collection, unique or classic, our craftsmen undertake the projects with the same passion.



When creating an invitation, we need to think about the materials, the papers, the colours - all in phase with the event, collection, moment. At the Imprimerie du Marais, creators and craftsmen are gathered together looking for all the possibilities possible; samples, prototypes, exchanges and modifications are counted in, but the end result will come in perfect cohesion with what you had in mind.

Research and development

Each invitation is a creation, a mille-feuille of precision, sometimes a puzzle that we solve thanks to our craftsmen persistence and talent. Their job : the Art of Possible.



One day, Kenzo had the crazy idea of sending illuminated invitations to all the 1200 guests of his show : A green lighted invitation covered with white gold cardboard. Delivered without any cable, the lighting did last the whole show! Ingenious combination of technology, fine handy and express delivery!


Luxury Pack Monaco

Exhibiting your skills in Monaco is a long-standing celebration. In 2017 we invited our guests to join us under the paper Kingdom emblem. How to stamp – emboss – cut – assemble all these pieces in a perfect finish… Our clever little hands did solve the dilemma, guided by the London based design agency Made Thought, who won a D&AD award for this iconic invitation.


Jewelry Collection

When a jewelry collection is sculpted with such an expertise, the idea of casting it on the paper is exciting. To create this ambitious project and transpose the size of the stones with precision, our 3D developers and create a molding, its texture evokes a Parisian apartment’s stucco. It’s up to us to find the tricks so that the collage and the cut respect the sophistication!


Maya share with Vogue

Maya shares with Vogue, “Our invitation is the result of a labor of love with our passionate friends: Aurore Chauve and Guy Yanai. We embarked on the invitation process shortly after our engagement, and it was truly one of the funniest parts of our wedding planning. We chose to use a Japanese rice paper that was delayed in production due to the Emperor changing. The flowers woven into the invitation are dried lavender, made by Moshiko from Delicatessen flower store in Tel Aviv. The entire invitation package was produced and printed by the Imprimerie du Marais workshop in Paris. In the end, the work and processes are from three different continents!”


≪Les impressions fines viennent sous plusieurs formes, un livre, une invitation, une carte... faites de votre invitation la plus forte.≫