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Workshop created in 1971

Our retail workshop


The Imprimerie du Marais produces labels, hangtags, adhesives and stickers that are meticulously crafted using all of our techniques. Many questions are on the table when projects are launched: conditions of use, attachment, resistance, use (water, oil, light), reuse (permanent, re-positionable, solvent-free adhesive), environmental quality (recyclable, recycled, solvent-free). Our goal is always the same: to sublimate your brand and enhance the value of your products in the hands of your curious and perfectionist customers.



Clive Christian perfumes carry the emblem of the English crown and for the past 5 years we have shared the pleasure of developing the small, neat certificates and stickers marked by this House. Tori Snowball manages the brand and confides her vision to us: “T.S - For a perfume house, the exceptional is hidden in the smallest details. It is by feeling the sublime of the object that our customers perceive the product as exceptional, the different textures, the finishes used to give this level of quality truly synonymous with luxury. It is equally essential to create something that is visually appealing and captures the story, the senses and the spirit. Print and paper is the medium in which we put all this, housed right next to all our bottles.”



Hangtag in large series

The production of a hangtag in large series accompanies the launch of a project and follows the creative line of an agency consulted for a global identity. Then come the issues of prototyping and production in small launch series, then larger series. The aim here is to produce as accurately as possible so as not to impact the selling price, to do the best to preserve the quality of the details put in place in a creative way, and above all not to alter the object on which the hangtags are placed. In the case of the redesign of Rimowa’s identity, it was all this work that we carried out at once, thinking about the scratches on a rivet, the impact of the number of folds and glues, and above all the establishment of a quality follow-up on a tiny object where the positioning of the embossing, gilding and rivets leaves nothing to chance. Thousands of parts are produced every week in the hands of our teams, and with just as much attention to every detail.


Embossed sticker 

Embossing a sticker and putting its mark in tone, like a stamp, here is a beautiful idea that can be realised like an evidence on the adhesive paper of a sticker… provided that you master how to strike it. The paper is thin, the imprint can be flattened with cutting and packaging. It is all the gestures of our craftsmen who have gradually adapted to these adhesive materials, all their tools which are sharpened for each project when the glue gets involved… 


Creative paper sticker 

When we choose a paper for a stationery shop and we make it down to tissue paper and shipping boxes, having a sticker of the same colour and material is a nice way to finish the packaging that will be opened by the customer. Often papers are not self-adhesive; we have the resources and production techniques for a harmonious unit on all your supports.


Sustainable sticker

Using eco-responsible resources and producing sustainable materials and products are key to the future of the printing industry. We produce plant-based, solvent-free adhesive stickers, stickers made from recycled paper, ranging from 20% to 100%. Going further is possible, your commitments are the driving force behind our research.

"We create handmade stickers, carefully thought out and produced, where all our techniques are applied to an adhesive paper."

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