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L’Art du Possible

L’art du Possible is our essence crafted in our atelier. From the moment you open it, you are brought into another world, a world of print and wonders, possibilities and innovations.

Here is our Imprimerie du Marais book, like a simple blank notebook hiding in its pages, eight memories that mark the history of our printing house. Each object is a story, from a monochrome portrait of Charles, the founding father of the Imprimerie du Marais, represented by an ex-libris taking the form. Of an ephemeral on Japanese wool paper, symbol and icon of our workshops. Our thirst for innovation makes our productions unique and inimitable. Long before the machine, a project opens up into a conversation, research. Numerous horizons open up in the face of production that is considered impossible. We work in the present, in the doing, the effort, going beyond the established limits, aware that printing will set our work for posterity. We start from the principle that everything is possible and create objects that embody our passion, our goal and our privilege: to be printers.

"The purpose of this book was to express our deepest inspirations along with revealing the creative spirit of Paris, its Avant-Garde and magical touches."

From a blue portrait of the founder to a 3D embossed nest of ephemeral, magic happens...

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