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Alice Balas × Malika Favre

Lucky Hands is a collaborative project between Alice Balas and Malika Favre, Parisian chic combined with a London edge. The Imprimerie du Marais joined forces with the creators to produce a short series inspired by playing cards – kings, queens and jokers are mixed. For Malika Favre, 5 patterns were hot foiled for 30 special edition copies, numbered and signed […]

Souvenirs from 2018… a collaboration that brings Parisian style and London’s graphic to merge. The talented illustrator Malika Favre met the leather designer Alice Balas and signed together these new creations symbolising the card game where kings, queens, princes and jokers play. Their shared admiration for the “Lucky Number” is revealed through these cards and drawings as well as through these numbered jackets, signed and re-visited with the “Lucky Skin”. L’Imprimerie du Marais dreams of meticulous gilding and creates with these finely traced visuals this series of editions of posters and cards in hot gilding. Five unique designs were reproduced on black cotton paper and soft leather with which the perfectos will be made. For fifty years now, the Imprimerie du Marais has been perpetuating the gestures of the Imprimerie d’art française with perfect chromes, meticulous gilding and subtle embossing. It is with its printers that Malika has chosen to work in close collaboration to create a limited series of gildings.

"A collaboration that brings Parisian style and London's graphic to merge."

For fifty years now, the Imprimerie du Marais has been perpetuating the gestures of the Imprimerie d'art française with perfect chromes.

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