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Workshop created in 2008



The latest addition to our productions is dedicated to packaging. We research and develop everything that rhymes with cardboard, rinsing and assembly. We make prototypes and series of boxes, cases and menus that will contain your customers' dreams. Mailing boxes, silk paper, stickers, thank-you cards, elegantly made, we like to develop with you rituals that will guide the opening and underline the value of the product.

"The creations of boxes are limitless: drawer with diagonal inserts, like a display case..."


It all started with the mailing boxes of the Imprimerie du Marais editions. It was such a great opportunity to turn a mailing box into an invitation and make it the signature of all our packagings. The corrugated cardboard is formed in hot stamping, working it as an invitation to open, that we love to take care of so that the product reveals itself, as if on a tray, and is delivered to your curious hands.


The packaging factory has been growing since a young packaging engineer joined the team. Computer-programmed, the creations of packaging are subjected to calculations and engineering before being put into the hands of our processing craftsmen whose abilities know no limits.


Engineering packaging

Packaging design is one of the most complex paper constructions. Starting from a design brief or a creative intention, all our knowledge is on the table of our prototyping team… The creations of boxes are multiple: drawer with diagonal inserts, like a display case, booklet cut out to hide a precious object, gutter box or bell box.     


Sustainable design & packaging

When the question regarding the impact of packaging production arises, the entire manufacturing, sourcing and transportation process needs to be rethought. Following the principles of your commitments and sustainable designs, we know the solutions to produce the most accurate forms of sustainable materials, committing ourselves to this movement through each step of our production. Raw cardboard can be 100% recycled and foiled with sustainable foiling films. The paper that covers a box can be printed with vegetable-based ink and we can go as far as using solvent-free glues and scotch tape. Intention counts, the way to produce better is our responsibility as much as it is yours.


Pimped packaging

Our packaging and shipping boxes are often produced from corrugated cardboard – a material that offers many options and diversity in terms of technique and colours. We develop the techniques for dressing the shipping boxes in the same way as interior designers do in retail. Raw cardboard is covered with all kinds of paper and techniques to immerse your customers in your sophisticated world as soon as they see and open their packages. A German Gmund paper with a unique texture, fluorescent and metallic, covered the packaging of the Unfold 2019 invitation. A black and a white cardboard box were juxtaposed for the dispatch box of our Diary 2019. 


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