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Workshop created in 1971

Printing workshop

Printing techniques

From lithographic presses to letterpresses to UV printing, we know the field of possibilities, as well as the field of colours and, we are ready to do anything to extend it. Our printing factory where business cards, notebooks, posters, hangtags and stickers are made, offers a lot of printing possibilities ranging from the simplest techniques to the most elaborate methods. Our machines and printing advancements allow our projects to have bold colours, with accurate registration. We are also aware of sustainable evolutions and work with less waste, less water, in order to respect our environment. The chromies applied in photo-engraving are confirmed at the time of setting, a balancing act between the rendering and the spectrum of colours that the paper reveals... This moment is yours, you can follow it in the heart of Paris.

"Our printshop offers a wide range of printing possibilities from the simplest techniques to the most elaborate methods."


Printing is a science. Our techniques are improving day by day, we are constantly striving to find new methods of improving our lithography, typography and digital colour engineering craftsmanship. We have been using a HUV lithography printer since 2017 allowing our non-toxic - water-based inks to dry immediately once, in contact with the UV light, this process helps ensure no paper is wasted and the quality of the print is uniform throughout. Our printers can work on multiple materials including metallic papers, translucent, and cotton papers, printing high-quality levels of colours. The power of UV Lithography is apparent, where traditional inks dip into the paper fibres, this process allows the inks to remain on the surface.



Pantone prints

Our craftsmen are highly skilled colourists, they mix inks and compose the Pantone shades required manually, taking into account the hazards of the substrate. Fine or transparent, laminated or matt, smooth paper or creative paper, it no longer poses any limits of where Pantones can be applied. An example of this is a project we produced alongside KLEIN; blue pigments for the presskit of a Weston edition. Flat tints that plunged us into the canvas, electrifying shoes were printed in this precious blue.


Vegetable-based inks

Our machines offer the flexibility of working with vegetable-based inks to produce eco-friendly designs. The most natural printing possible, without fossil derivatives, with as few compounds as possible, is the future of our printing business.


Printing on foil 

Printing gold or silver gives the artwork a vibrant metallic aspect… a designer’s dream! The range of foils allows designers to play with iridescent and holographic effects. Where heat is traditionally applied to foils, we have made it possible to foil using cold die tools. This process is especially best when the foils are applied on coated papers, perfect for magazines. Printing on beautiful foiled papers is a developed skill that intertwines the performance of our gilding and printing productions. One of our most intricate and demanding processes, highly detailed foiling is made possible at the Imprimerie du Marais. The final outcomes are fascinating and technologically advanced.


Random mixes 

The 1970s are our inspiration, the new age concert posters, black on rainbow shaded backgrounds… We have kept these techniques in print on our letterpresses where random mixes are made. Made in the inkwell, the colours become the gradient background of stationery or the colour of typography. 


Four-colour printing on coloured paper 

How do you print a four-colour print onto vividly coloured papers without losing the artwork’s detail? A white registration is created in the 5th group of our Heidelberg machine adding an invisible highlight to the four colours.

"Printing on beautiful foiled papers is a developed skill that intertwines the performance of our gilding and printing productions."