The 2020 Agenda from Imprimerie du Marais uses all shades of white and grey. It is a showcase of techniques made with finesse and finished with a unique cut that reveals the days ahead. January’s short days are spent under a gloss varnish. February is cobblestone grey, the cover sheet stamped with a foil. The April spring sun shines as punched holes. may is a translucent sheet, finished with a striped gold design. June is a bold sun made in textured gold foil. The front and back covers mirror each other, each sheet inside is pierced and assembled under hours of work, patience and pure skill. It reminds us all to treasure the year ahead, page by page.

Concept and design by Made Thought.

Largeur/ Width: 8.5 cm

Hauteur/ Height: 14cm

Nombre de pages/ Number of pages: 189

Papier/ Paper: Fedrigoni