Agenda 2020 – From Dark Comes Light


The Agenda 2020 by Imprimerie du Marais designed by Made Thought on a Fedrigoni paper is a fine blend of finely crafted techniques marked by a cut-out that reveals the future in shades of whites and greys. January and its shortest days have passed under the rays of a black varnish, February is adorned with a bitumen grey. April, with its dove paper punctuated by a sun, is flush with fine days, while May asserts its kinetic golden design with a cloudy layer. As for June, it takes the form of an immense engraved golden sun… Each month is thus personified in the paper. This agenda is a small masterpiece magnified by a sublime binding that in itself symbolises hours of patience and meticulousness, reminding us of the preciousness of a new year and the importance of honouring each day with our lights.

Agenda 2020 by Imprimerie du Marais
Design : Made Thought
Papier : Fedrigoni Paper
Format : 8,5 cm x 14 cm / 189 pp.

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