Art du Possible II


Retrospective of the last 50 years of Imprimerie du Marais in techniques, graphics, papers and neat words, in which the Parisian printing house excels. The Art du Possible II edition is a dive into the past, present and future of the workshop and also the first auto-edited book printed in Cité Griset. The double-page spreads hidden in a French binding blend mechanical & embossed machines, 6 printed Pantones, a mosaic of foil, irregular glazing, bitmap foiling and fluorescent gradients. Made Thought’s design crosses the most sophisticated words of a 50 year old printer on recycled and eco-managed forest papers by paper manufacturer Arjowiggins.


Largeur / Width: 13,6cm
Hauteur/ Height: 21cm
Nombre de pages/ Number of pages: 96