L’Art du Possible II


A retrospective of the first 50 years of Imprimerie du Marais, l’Art du Possible II is an expanded notebook and a dive into the history of our workshops and the first major edition produced in our new manufacture in the Cité Griset. The double-page spreads, coiled in a Japanese-style binding, are home to subtle paper artefacts: embossed machines, Pantone prints, gilding mosaics, irregular glazes, bitmap gilding and fluorescent gradients. There, Made Thought’s design meets the poetic words of a 50-year-old printer that line Arjowiggins’ FSC-certified recycled papers and lie in a Foxi & Graph paper cover.

Art du Possible II, a Notebook by Imprimerie du Marais
Design : Made Thought
Papiers : Conqueror by Arjowiggins – Foxi & Graph
Format : 14 x 21 cm – 96 pp.

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