The perpetual calendar


Imprimerie du Marais x The perpetual calendar

In 2016, the Imprimerie du Marais celebrates the future and makes a totally unique perpetual calendar. Firstly, in its construction: two separate parts are assembled by powerful magnets. Three hundred hours of meticulous work around nine papers, six embossings and four printing techniques. At first sight, the calendar’s and its envelope’s logo dress-up in raised white foil, while a black hot foil registers the numbers on the plates of time, which rotate each passing day. Then comes the time to deconstruct: to find the wonders of time, one must have eyes open wide and dare dissect the object. Once lifted, the top enables the discovery of a little treasure: dropped from their receptacle, the spheres of paper were hiding a micro-embossed laser foil, very rare and precise. It is a creative surprise designed in London, by Made Thought.

Limited Edition – Art Print