A fine printing house · The Art of Possibility

A family venture spanning 50 years, from Paris to the world

There is something that links together everything we undertake, a link that perpetuates from generation to generation. This link pulses with a passion for printing and the quest for excellence, to give rise to beauty through paper embellishment, always pushing back the limits of possibility a little further.

A print workshop founded by Charles Przedborski in 1971 in the heart of a Paris teeming with creative energy, the Imprimerie du Marais has been run by his children since 1991: Jacky, Karine and Shirley. Passion for books was the driving force behind the company’s creation, and this passion continues to find expression there, especially through the publication of its brand books, l’Art du Possible I and II. However, the standing and renown of the Imprimerie were built on the wide range of printed matter it has created for ready-to-wear houses in the Marais, and now for global luxury brands.

L'Imprimerie du Marais is dedicated to creating sublime printed communication under the glow of the City of Light. From Rue Chapon to Cité Griset, our skill and love for fine printed matter have grown and broadened. In Paris, London, New York and Geneva, our teams perpetuate, promote and renew the visionary, pioneering heritage of what, over the years, has become the Art of Possibility: the art of rising to all technical challenges in order to provide you with ever-more inspirations and solutions for your printed matter projects, in France and around the world.

Like the homing pigeon that serves as our coat of arms, we spread our wings as good messengers and always remember where we came from. Our representatives and production managers maintain constant contact with our craftspeople and prototype designers. This allows you to follow every stage of the development and production of your projects in our Paris workshops, wherever you are.




"We’re a family of artisans, driven and united by a shared vocation."

High-end printing & exceptional services

Eager and able to help you make the “impossible!” possible, we dedicate our savoir-faire and expertise to the creation of bespoke, high-end productions. As the figurehead of a journey around the world of the graphic arts, the Imprimerie du Marais is a resource workshop and a key reference point for all creative printing professionals and enthusiasts.

As an inspired and inspiring conception partner, we are keen to work with you hand-in-hand. With our defining special added touch, we will work with you closely and attentively to support all phases of your project: meetings, design briefings, research and development, the selection of materials, creative exchanges, project management, and the logistics of storage and delivery.

From art direction to purchases to events, the brands, agencies and institutions of the art, creativity and luxury sectors trust us to produce their printed communications in formats as varied as:




"What we like most is when we find an innovative and creative solution that enhances a highly complex project."


"Through our presses, the ephemeral becomes eternal and dreams become reality."

Inspirations and innovations

In a world where communication is becoming increasingly digital, the tangible qualities of the printed object, both optical and haptic, embody and elevate your most original ideas, concepts and designs. In the process of magnifying their expression, their communication and their impact, our skill becomes a mirror of your own.

We are certain that fine printed matter will never lose its unique ability to inspire wonder, always offering an unforgettable sensory experience that inscribes itself on the memory just like a brass tool, or ink on paper. The archives of the Imprimerie du Marais are teeming with collector projects created for its clients, as well as little everyday masterpieces stemming from its own research and development. These are collected like rare specimens.


Our commitments


We pay constant attention to how we manage our resources and handle our refuse, as shown by the annual assessment of our climate footprint by ClimateCalc, which enables us to implement solutions to reduce it in our workshops and in your projects.

Our commitment does not stop there. Since 2017, we have been placing emphasis on the responsible innovation of our printing techniques, as well as the procurement of durable and wholly unique eco-designed papers.

One of the cornerstones of this approach is the meticulous selection of papers and other materials from around the world, all extraordinary in their own way, and chosen for their singular characteristics in terms of respect for the environment, technical innovation, and aesthetic quality.

Our ongoing research into enriching this collection, which currently includes more than 200 references, makes us valuable advisors on the creation of tomorrow’s printed matter! Feel free to contact us, so we can present it to you and inspire you.


The notion of “sustainability” is also expressed in our commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of our employees. Since our teams put a great deal of effort into making your projects sublime, we have done our best to facilitate their task by establishing a pleasant and responsible workspace. The renovation of 6 Cité Griset, carried out in collaboration with design studio Saint-Lazare, was driven by one desire: to make our printing house into a place where it feels good to work and live. 

Also, the operation of our Paris workshop-headquarters was designed to better manage the impact that our work has on the use and quality of water and air, and to better control our sound emissions and energy consumption.

Our activities were also organised to preserve the wellbeing of our neighbourhood. Aware of the fact that setting up a manufacturer in the very heart of the city can cause nuisances, we have done everything possible to limit annoyances and make a suitable contribution to a better community life.


Living and working together better—to better push the boundaries of Possibility. We believe that this principle is expressed—perhaps most of all—through equality, diversity, and gender parity. The Imprimerie du Marais Paris – London – New York – Geneva currently has 33 permanent employees. 45% are women, who also make up 60% of the management committee. Hailing from a variety of backgrounds, our employees are united by a passion for printing. They are determined to add magic to your everyday life, and to make your events more memorable.


Since, more than anything, we value doing things together and looking beyond ourselves, in the context of certain projects, we reach out to association networks for workers who are disabled or in prison, asking them to lend us a hand. These important collaborations are carried out in a spirit of mutual transmission and support.


As artisans, we constantly make sure to transmit our skills, since this is the only way to truly guarantee their durability. Donating our paper offcuts to neighbourhood schools and associations; opening our workshops and delivering presentations about our professions to art and design school students as part of organised tours; training interns and apprentices: there is nothing more wonderful than giving rise to vocations, inspiring and supporting talent, and helping everyone to develop their skills. The Art of Possibility is also this.

"The intention counts: producing more fairly and sustainably without losing sight of beauty and emotion is as much yours as it is ours."