Interconnected workshops Bound by craftsmanship

We are convinced that doing things well means doing things together. 

That is why our Paris workshops at 6 Cité Griset were designed like a buzzing hive of a thousand bees, or an haute-couture house teeming with seamstresses.

To ensure the excellence of our services, our headquarters houses 8 interconnected workshops under 1 roof. Each of them possesses unique character and expertise, making their association something quite remarkable. Different approaches intersect there in the course of not only gestures, perspectives and fruitful exchanges, but also setting and verification rituals whose subtle effects can be perceived through the magnifying glass.

This outstanding symbiosis generates extraordinary dynamism and strength, which enable us to keep inspiring you more and more; to best advise you on the combination of techniques, colours, materials, and finishes; to explore the potential of all of our savoir-faire; to support you through every phase of a research and development plan; to surprise you with our responsiveness, our adaptability and the broad range of our services; to keep a close eye on every stage of your project; and to minimise our carbon footprint by internalising our whole production chain.