The photo-proofer’s science is the perfect complement to the fundamental role that our prepress workshop plays. 

In active dialogue with our workshops and in collaboration with your art director, he prepares your files for printing in line with your rendering preferences and your choice of techniques and papers.

As they say: the devil is in the details. Our teams’ unique skills are essential in the development of your projects. The treatment of images and the management of the colour profiles applied to your designs make all the difference when it comes to transcribing their deep essence onto the meticulously selected print medium.

In ensuring that this “translation” does its magic, our photo-proofer brings to bear incisive and multifarious knowledge, taking account of colour conversion phenomena and the impact of dot gain on the whole graphic production chain, including photography and colorimetry, the integration of ICC profiles and standards, the characteristics of mediums, and the machines’ power and settings. 

Everything contributes to redefining the identity of the image or motif with a view to avoiding its distortion when applied to the material. With photo-proofing, we push back the boundaries of Possibility in the areas of litho printing, silkscreen printing, and foiling, and our bespoke support extends as far as the treatment of your colours, like those making up the colour-chart/invitation designed by Givenchy to unveil the new finishes available on their Shark Lock boots.


"In the efficient discussions that take place between the client and the pre-press team, there is a clarification process that gives rise to something exceptional."