Agenda 2020

The 2020 Agenda by the Imprimerie du Marais, designed by Made Thought on a Fedrigoni paper, is a true distillation of finely crafted techniques, crossed by a cut-out that provides a glimpse of the future, between shades of grey and white. January and its shortest days pass under the rays of a black silkscreen varnish. February is decked out in a bitumen grey radiated by a golden foiling. April and its dove paper punctured by a sun crop up with fine days, while June takes on the appearance of a huge golden sun made with microstructure foiling. September’s micro-perforation provides a glimpse of the hesitant transition from summer to autumn. In these ways, each month is personified in the paper, making this agenda into a small masterpiece magnified by a sublime binding, which itself represents hours of patience and meticulousness, reminding us that every new year is precious, and that it is important to honour each day with the light that we bring. 

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