Art du Possible I

L’Art du Possible I was the first brand book conceived as part of the Imprimerie du Marais’s rebranding by Made Thought beginning in 2015. The point was to convey that when we combine all of our savoir-faire, a stationery set, invitation, notebook or menu can tell a whole story, create bonds, and participate in a brand ritual. It was also a question of highlighting the uniqueness of our approach, which mixes an absolute fascination for craftsmanship with an “everything is possible” mentality.

L’Art du Possible I expresses this with power, authenticity and sophistication. Conceived as an apparently blank notebook, 8 paper souvenir-objects are to be found hidden between its pages. These recount the history of the Imprimerie du Marais and demonstrate its expertise, from photo-proofing to eco-design, from prototyping & packaging to embossing & debossing, foiling, litho printing, silkscreen printing and hand-finishing. From the monochrome portrait of its founding father Charles, to the ex-libris made of Japanese wool paper depicting a mayfly (which was the symbol and icon of our 8 workshops at that time), a family story is told, one that exalts the values of craftsmanship.

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