Stationery set · Cambridge Beaches A tribute to escape

As part of the redefinition of the overall brand image of the luxury resort Cambridge Beaches in Bermuda (recently purchased by Dovetail + Co), the designers at Saint-Lazare endeavoured to show the virtue of the art of detail throughout a minimalist, elegant stationery set consisting of letterheaded paper, stationery sheets, a small guest notecard and a bespoke envelope, along with a general business card for the resort and personalised versions for its employees.

In order that it should crystallise the resort’s whole history, this stationery required the skilled combination of litho spot printing, foiling, multi-level embossing, die-cutting, laminating, and hand-finishing. This alliance of expertise gave rise to a balanced identity that is both classical and contemporary, combining tradition and escape, two notions that are dear to our workshops.

To this end, the whole stationery set is bathed in an orangey atmosphere that recalls the hues of the sunsets at King’s Point. Made with a Sunset Orange spot colour and with electrified borders on the envelope and the small notecard, it finds a gentler, warmer variation in the colour that impregnates Pop’Set Old Gold paper (Antalis). This is what the stationery sheet and the front of the general business card are made of, printed respectively through a pass of grape-coloured litho spot printing, and a golden foiling that draws light from every direction, evoking the sparkling of early evening sunshine.

These orangey effusions are harmoniously combined with the natural white of Arena Natural Smooth (Fedrigoni), and complemented by the elegant water-green of Keaykolour Pastel Green (Antalis), on which the personalised business cards are printed. In this way, they sketch the colourful contours of a unique site that offers a singular mixture of wild green gardens, honey-filled sun, an emerald sea, warm sand, and vernacular architecture in an assortment of pastel colours.

Some characteristics of this architecture can be found in the fine die-cuts of the envelope and the stationery sheet, shaped like the roofs of traditional Bermudan dwellings. The delicate arabesques that enliven various versions of the logo and monogram of Cambridge Beaches, designed by Saint-Lazare, gracefully respond to these, whether created through litho spot printing, foiling, or multi-level embossing. 

Carried out dry on the envelope’s immaculate material, this multi-level embossing inscribes on the paper a decorative version of the monogram, which includes three symbols of the spirit of the place: a palm leaf, a hibiscus branch, and a longtail bird. Reacting to the sunlight through shadow and light effects, it imparts a singular character to this central element of the stationary set, between tactile emotion and exceptional imprint.

Here the convergence of our savoir-faire brings out all the sophistication of the audacious and subtle brand image designed by Saint-Lazare for Cambridge Beaches. Based on a sensitive and sensuous approach, it favours a close connection that allows the history of the place to be recounted while also stimulating the imagination of its guests. Whether the page is white or permeated with sun, it is an invitation to take a stationary journey, an incitement to pick up a pen and tell the story of one’s stay at that wonderful place. Animated by an adventurous epicurean spirit, it is conducive to creativity and memory sharing.

"A colour, a multi-level embossing and a die-cut are enough to tell a whole story."