LVMH Miami Coordination Set · Imprimerie du Marais Exploring the possibilities of tomorrow’s printed matter

Invited to Miami by LVMH in June 2023 to share our expertise as part of a seminar on sustainable design, we endeavoured to inspire the creation of resolutely forward-looking printed matter. In particular, we created a personalised set around our 2023 Calendar in collaboration with the creative office of Clément Brunner, and in partnership with paper manufacturer Favini.

Our sustainable block calendar comes dressed in a multifunction case, snuggled up in an elegantly cut shopping bag whose bespoke design showcases the essential expertise of our photo-proofing office, the virtuosity of our litho printing and debossing workshops, and all the dexterity of our hand-finishing teams.

Coloured from a turquoise palette, this new set reflects all the hues of Miami’s lagoons. In order to achieve this subtle result, a litho print with blended green gradations practically infused the duly chosen FSC-certified Favini Burano Blue 140g and 250g papers. To perfect the whole, this colour combination is found right down into the threads and ribbons integrated into the object’s design.

Blind debossing was the obvious choice for printing the typographical elements. Enabling a controlled use of consumables, the application of this expertise in low relief literally marked this customised set with the seal of sustainable printing, and magnified the expressive power of the design and colours by endowing them with an interactive character, between plays of light and tactile effects.

This development offered a whole new perspective on our collection colour-chart, for which the case serves as a stand, whether open or closed. A choice place is also reserved for its leporello within a wedge system cleverly situated under the product. Finally, in an integrated drawer system, one discovers a leaflet and a notebook whose covers, bound in Singer stitching, reprise the characteristic colours of that signature set.

"The blind debossing literally marks the set with the seal of sustainable printing."