In addition to our commitments as a responsible producer, comprehensive support for sustainable, eco-designed projects is central to our research and development.

Over the years, what started as a necessary green awareness has transformed into genuine expertise—an expertise that finds expression across all of our workshops.

Our whole approach to print design therefore abounds in sustainable, eco-designed solutions. It is based particularly on our annual greenhouse gas assessment through the ClimateCalc tool, which conforms to all of the principles set out by the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME). These results enable us to quantify and describe the impact of every project we take on. This also allows us to better control all possible adjustment and progress variables while collectively learning eco-design practices.

Today, we are therefore more than ever capable of helping you make more sustainable, less polluting choices in the conception of your print projects, whether in terms of production chain management, techniques, or print mediums. Among the solutions we offer, the 200 references in our library of eco-designed and sustainable materials are a small treasure of inspirations. We enjoy sharing them with you, so your creations can have a positive impact on your customer experience while not having a negative impact on the environment.

Through our collectibles produced under the Imprimerie du Marais label, we endeavour to show you the new ways in which bespoke print design can assert a brand and make it desirable from a sustainable perspective. The invitation-brochure Leave No Trace is a manifesto on this; the gift offered on the occasion of our participation in LVMH’s Sustainability Coordination in Miami is a variation on it.


"Together, let’s make choices that matter, with beauty and consciousness. Together, let’s harmonise virtuosity with virtue."