The Possibilities of Paper Edition Two · Colorplan A colour-chart that gives you wings

Through the embellishment of the butterfly wings designed by Made Thought for G . F Smith on the occasion of the launch of the second edition of the promotional tool The Possibilities of Paper, our workshops were coloured by sublime Colorplan hues.

In the wake of long collaborations with G . F Smith and Made Thought, this second of three editions subtly presents the vast potential of the famous range of creative papers, through our bespoke production of a set of three cards sild into a sleeve and an outer case.

With extremely fine detail, these paper works inspired by the colours and textures of the most beautiful butterflies brilliantly combine relief silkscreen printing, foiling, multi-level embossing, and hand finishing, while highlighting unique and unusual colour associations. In so doing, the project plunges us into an extraordinary microcosmic universe, from The Possibilities of Paper to the Art of Possibility…

"The screen-printed colours particularly challenged us, because it is usually difficult to print such bright colours on coloured paper."