Colour-chart/invitation · Givenchy When the printer becomes a tanner

The iconic Shark Lock boots, originally designed by Riccardo Tisci, were revisited by Matthew M. Williams to offer new varieties and finishes. In order to unveil them within its shops, in autumn 2022 Givenchy issued a remarkable invitation to a number of its VIP customers—an invitation whose production the House entrusted to us.

The reproduction on paper of the shop’s colour chart, presenting those new and bespoke finishes, required us to apply a wide range of skills. Demanding a juxtaposition of colours, materials and textures that was as audacious as it was harmonious, this mosaic of prints needed all our ingenuity, to reproduce the fine quality of the materials used to make those famous boots.

With the vigilant help of our photo-proofer, it became possible for four-colour and spot-colour litho prints to become exact replicas of the available colours. Embossing and silkscreen prints in relief became perfect doubles of the textures of crocodile or snake skins, rough or smooth leathers, as well as selectively applied varnished looks.

The sublime palette thus printed—on Natural Evolution paper (myCordenons) on the front, and Old Mill Premium White (Fedrigoni) on the back—is foiled with the brand’s logo and monogram in a shade of gold directly echoing that of the edge-foiling executed after laminating the two parts together. 

This is all slid into a sophisticated hand-finished sleeve made of a soothing, matt Pop'Set Extra Black paper (Antalis). Its design, consisting of straight cuts and a finely folded strap, mimes the ample, sharp cut of Shark Lock boots. The evocation is reinforced by the verticality of the whole, which echoes that of the shop box serving as a case for the boots. Like this case, the sleeve bears a House of Givenchy monogram sealed by the emblematic 4G padlock, whose micro-reliefs emerge from the fine combination of multi-level embossing with golden foiling.


"Each invitation is a layering of multiple techniques, which our artisans execute with the undisguised pleasure of someone who knows that their craft was born of the Art of Possibility."